RF Safety Hazard

The safety of amateur radio does not get much public attention unless you have an unhappy neighbor due to EMI, and then everything about HAM radio is bad. It seems cellular telephones get a new health risk study every week if you believe the main stream media. I believe anything that is not understood is generally a bad thing to the public. It is important as a HAM to know your station is safe and can communicate that fact. Additionally, as licensed Amateur Radio Operators we are required to review and document the RF Hazards in own stations. The following document details my station, the many US Government RF exposure standards and shows the FCC standards for HAMs to be very conservative. Even with the FCC being conservative it is clear from the power density analysis my 100 Watt HF station is very safe. Once you have completed your own station analysis you can say with confidence that your station poses no health risk to you or the general public.